Kennedy Wilson, an international real estate investment and services firm, has curated a team of the top agents and brokers in the industry to form the Kennedy Wilson’s Real Estate Sales & Marketing Group. Headquartered in Beverly Hills, our dedication to accelerating while simplifying the sales process, maximizing sale prices for sellers as well as return on investment for buyers, and maintaining a high quality image has helped us maintain our top position as a trusted market leader. We are not a boutique agency; we have the backbone of a publicly traded company with 25 offices located throughout the world offering a comprehensive array of real estate investments and services to clients. We have the manpower and the expertise to treat every single transaction as if it’s luxury so our clients get the highest standard of service for every deal every time. We know every aspect of the business and the priority of our astute team of agents is our clients. We are vanguards and visionaries. We are here for the buyers and the sellers that want a seamless transaction led by someone they can trust. Rhett Winchell, President and Broker, established the KW Sales Group 28 years ago as a pioneer in the real estate auction business, streamlining various types of sales including Conventional, REO, Probate, and more. The KW Sales Group offers far more than what a conventional real estate brokerage offers with design, marketing and sales solutions custom tailored to each client’s unique needs. Call 310.887.6446 to get in touch with one of our agents.